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Dark Room an Original Song by George Hentu

Dark Room an Original Song from Hentu George

Verse 1

I see black tears
Coming from my eyes
Is this the poison
That killed me that time ?

A black shadow came to me
Whispering  she'll be here!

Pre chorus

When I woke up
I tried to find my home
It was too much darkness
And I lost control
With one last breath, I got in this room
It was black and scary like my soul.


It kept my away ...from  trouble and deadly lies
It was my friend...when everyone turned their back
I will love her ... until I run out of light and die
She kept me alive , she helped me survive

Verse 2

From broken hearts and a lots of no
I grew thick wings that will blow out the storm
I got out from that black room of mine
I fought with the darkness
And I am still  alive!

Chorus 2

My dear love...I have to go
I have people now, who love me so...
I give you all my lost hopes and dreams
Forever friends...we will be
You can visit me when no one sees me
We will talk and laugh

Verse 3

Before I go she gave me an advice
In every darkness there's a light
Enjoy life and do not sacrifice
Your soul for the man kind.

Chorus 2

My black room...look where I am at
I spread my wings and look what I've got
Faith has brought me where I wanted to be
Thank you darkness for taking care of me.